Garden of Betrayal

Garden of Betrayal
One has the answer--the other wants her dead. Ensnared in a web of ancient betrayal, Leaf longs to free Slug from the Diamond Death. Everyone thinks he's dead. They are all wrong. Painfully aware of what lurks on the other side of the door, Leaf prepares to face Aurora's terrifying twin: Terra. The Fates brought her here, lured her with whispers of Slug's freedom, but what Leaf doesn't know is her sworn enemies, the fairies, also await her arrival in Terra's deadly realm. Who should she trust? The treacherous Fairy Queen, or Terra, the demented Mistress of the Lullaby? There are no easy answers when Elementals play deadly games. Garden of Betrayal, the greatly anticipated conclusion to the Legends of the Aurora trilogy, exposes a bitter rivalry between Supreme Mistresses of Magic.
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Time is meaningless to a troll, but Leaf has felt the pain of every heartbeat without Slug. Forty-nine years have flown by for the others, but not for her. They’ve moved on yet she is stuck reliving that awful morning of the Great Fairy Battle. This is Azool’s fault. She did this to Slug, but the blue fairy is dead. Still, Aurora had hinted at hope. The ruby marking Slug’s heart beats at a geologic pace, but he is running out of time.

She must find Terra and force her to reveal the magic that will free her hero, but Terra hides in the shadows. Then the door appears. Aurora’s twin has finally reached out, but not to Leaf. She has sent her army of stick monsters to steal Anna away. Leaf plunges through the door, demanding they return the human to the farm, but her voice fades away as she passes into Terra’s magical realm.

A barren landscape greets her. Yet Terra seems pleased to see her. Perhaps it will be easy to learn the secret. It’s all Leaf has ever wanted. Yet nothing is as it seems in Terra’s realm. Lies flow freely and Terra’s magic animates nearly everything around her swirling mass of tangled curls. The danger is very real.

In the green glen between the twin waterfalls, the fairies hide. The last of the true hive, the Watchers have reason to be pleased at Leaf’s arrival. The legend has come full circle.

When the unblinking eye of the sun closes, and her hollow heart is exposed, the Champion will be revealed.

Everyone—the trolls, the dragons, and fairies—have all played their parts to perfection, but who will win the final battle when Elementals play deadly games?

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