Cairn: A Dragon Memoir

Cairn: A Dragon Memoir
What do vengeful whales, an orphaned fawn, and tattooed dragons have to do with the Northern Lights? Everything. Troika never knew life in the lair. Orphaned the night of his hatching, he trudges through the world painfully unaware of what it truly means to be dragon. Then the voice invades his dreams, and he knows what must be done. Ignoring Aurora is unthinkable, but Troika has already fulfilled his destiny, and he has no reason to risk his life for dragons he barely remembers. Still, nobody denies an Elemental, and certainly not a dragon of the Sapphire clan. Is Aurora luring him home to die, or will he expose the brutal killer before he becomes the next murder victim?
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Thirteen years have passed. The fairies are gone and life is good. Yet something is wrong. Troika is a dragon living among trolls. He has accepted his fate, but he has grown restless. Then the voice invades his dreams. Sweet and melodic, he knows the voice belongs to the Elemental all dragons yearn to serve. Aurora needs him, she practically hands him the Guardianship, but he has grown complacent while Leaf struggles to find her way.

The amber has revealed its secrets to her, but it no longer charms. There must be a way to free Slug. He’s alive under that dusty diamond exterior, and Leaf knows it.

Aurora is impatient. Elementals always are. And she has one more demand. Bring Leaf to me. Troika is appalled. Trolls do not serve Aurora. Dragons do. Yet he knows Leaf is the key to everything and he obeys.

Guided home to the lair on unsteady wings, Troika and Leaf enter a dark and rigid society. Thrilled to once again be among dragons, Troika is devastated. His father is dead and someone has murdered him.

Dragon rituals are mystical and Troika soon falls under the spell of his aunt: Kes, the Scribe. She records everything on stone—and flesh. Nothing makes it past the Sapphire Clan’s Scribe or Coral the bitter Scribe of the Topaz Clan.

The Topaz have reason to be bitter. Thousands of years have passed without a member of their clan being chosen as Guardian. Something is rotten at the Heart, and someone seeks to cut it away no matter how many must die.

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