Blue on the Horizon

Blue on the Horizon
Banished for the crime of blue eyes, Gaven has no choice but to apprentice under the treacherous fairies of Torv. Although a lowly troll, magic comes easily to Gaven, and she offers up her yet unborn trollkin to her Master in exchange for the secret spell she most desires. What does she care? She's hideous. No one is foolish enough to bind himself to a blue-eyed trolless. Then along comes Uredd and his annoying dragon sidekick, and everything changes.
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Imagine a world where everyone has brown eyes. Now imagine the reflection you see in still ponds has blue eyes. You’re doomed.

Gaven is a pawn in an ancient legend spun in the mind of a fairy queen although she doesn’t know it. How could she? She’s too busy learning to survive as a hated outcast. With no one to turn to, she yearns for magic, but the only one offering to teach her is Azool, the ferocious Blue Fairy of Torv. Magic comes easily to Gaven and she’s nearly ready to slip away into the forest, but legends rarely take the easy path.

Captured and imprisoned by the Mountain King, she faces an existence without moonlight or hope. She must find her way to freedom.

In a different part of the valley, Uredd dreams of being a Seeker, a finder of stones to barter for everything his village needs to survive at the edge of the glacier. It’s all he ever wanted. Life is simple when you’re Uredd—until it’s not.

Busy learning his craft when the dragons come, he acts on instinct to save himself. Too bad the others didn’t do the same. The lone survivor of the destruction of Breen, Uredd walks away and promptly get lost. Ready to die, he waits for the light, but someone has been watching. Someone won’t let Uredd die. That someone is very near.

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